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If you have a problem that isn't on this page please email us and ask so that we can add it to our FAQ.

When I click on a game the page goes white and stays like that.

If you click on a game and the page goes white do not worry this is because the game has not yet loaded, wait a few more minutes and the game will load.

I want to submit a game, what do I do?

As long as the game is allowed to be published on other websites by the owner you can send it us by email.

Do I have to sign up to play on games?

UnlimitedGames.co.uk is a free online games website that does not require you to sign up to play games.

I want to play on a game but when I click on it, it says "this page cannot be found"

This happens when the link is not working and if this problem happens please contact us so we can correct this error.

No games are working.

This may be for 2 reasons. Your firewall may be blocking the games or your computer does not have the correct plugins. Turn your firewall off and if the games work that shows it is your firewall, then if your firewall is blocking them turn the security down. If that is not the problem it is probably because you need some plugins. You can download the needed plugins from below.

Get Macromedia Flash Player

Get Shockwave Player

For faster games you may need the latest Windows DirectX software. Which you can download from here.


When I start playing a game my computer goes really slow.

Your computer could running slow because alot of programs could be running in the background. If you have a computer running on Windows XP press Ctrl Alt and Delete then on the Task Manager click on the processes tab and stop any unused programs that are running under your user. WARNING do not stop any system processes because this could cause your computer to crash or cause further errors. You will know what is runned by the system because in the User Name column it will say System.

If your computer is below 200 mhz it may not run our games smoothly if it is above 200mhz they should run fine.

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